Convert Your Paper Forms to Mobile Data Collection Apps!


EDS can replace your paper forms and surveys with smartphones and tablets. We help your mobile staff (e.g., census takers, health workers) collect data accurately and report results instantly.


We will recoup a huge chunk of the time your project is wasting with paper forms


Lost or Damaged forms


Illegible Handwriting


Storage & Access


Slow to Share


No Analytics



Revolutionize your work! Convert all of your paper forms to KeptData Apps and do even more.

Contact Us Today and Convert Your Paper Form to Mobile!

Can your paper forms do this?

Email, export and integrate all of your data. Just think of all the time & money you’ll save.

Essential 1

No more Errors

Data is kept digitally and can be editied instantly.

Essential 2

Image Capture

Easily document equipment issues or your project status with KeptData.

Essential 3


Keep an eye on your workers, equipment and product with just one click.

Essential 4

Barcode Scanning

Quickly look up inventory or equipment with barcode scanning.

Essential 5


Assign jobs to your mobile workers in real time.

Essential 6


Our API allows customers to integrate with back end systems.

Essential 5

Build & Edit

Customize any of our apps to your needs or build your own.

Essential 6

Data Output

You control the formatting of your data output.

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