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All entrepreneurs and businesses need insightful research before making viable decision. Understanding your target users and customers in the region is most essential. As a local research firm, we can deliver excellent in-depth market research for your project. Our methods have proven to be effective in helping solving problems. It is our priority to customize our findings and provide a unique solution according to each client's needs.

Our Solutions

Lao market has been accelerating in the past few years, ranking its GDP as the highest in the region. Investment and trade have been promoted by the government and private sectors. Therefore, given the opportunities, there's alot of rooms for investors to maximize on. Although, agriculture proves to be the main player in the market, recently, there has been a massive investment in the mining, manufacturing, and construction sectors.

Industries we focus in:

01 Industrial: Automation & control, Building / construction materials, Fluid, pump, & valve manufacturing, Industrial equipment & machinery

02 Telecommunications: Enterprise, Broadband, Wireless, Mobile

03 Oil & Gas: Downstream, Lubricants

04 Automotive: Commercial / leisure vehicles, Trucks and heavy load, Motorbikes, Automotive aftermarket

05 Healthcare: Biotechnology / life science, Medical Devices & diagnostics, Hospitals and healthcare services

06 High Tech & Electronics:Computing hardware, software, & peripherals, Network equipment, Semiconductors & electronic devices, Consumer electronics

07 Media & Entertainment: Broadband entertainment, Broadcasting, Gaming, Interactive media, e-commerce,

Emerging Data Solution

EDS is a consulting firm which provides business solutions in terms of IT services to government and commercial customers.


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